What is Room Heater? Everything You Need to Know for Cozy Comfort

Explore the world of room heaters! Learn what is room heater, how it works, and why it’s essential for a cozy home. Your ultimate guide to comfort awaits!

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What is Room Heater

A room heater is an appliance that is used to bring warmth to a place like a room or office. The main purpose of using it is to provide you with a warm and comfortable environment. There are many types of room heaters, such as infrared heaters, fan heaters, and oil-filled heaters.

Imagine that you are watching your favorite movie or scrolling on your mobile while enjoying the cold weather. But in such weather, relaxing moments can come only if you have a good room heater. Here we will tell you all the things you need to know about room heaters.

Types of Room Heaters

Infrared Heater

The way you get warmth by sunbathing during cold days, this heater works in a similar way. This heater emits infrared rays which, like sunlight, heat the things wherever they fall. Infrared heaters are perfect for heating small-sized rooms because they heat small-sized rooms quickly and are also energy efficient.

Fan Heaters

Just imagine that there is a fan installed inside the heater, from which hot air comes out. The fan heater works on similar lines. In these heaters, a fan is installed behind the heating element, due to which hot air comes out from the heater which creates warmth in the room. Fan heaters heat the room faster than infrared heaters, which is why they are more popular among people. However, when they run (because of the fan), a little noise is also emitted.

Oil Filled Heaters

If you want your heater to make no noise and work silently, then oil-filled heaters are perfect. These heaters contain hollow metal columns or pipes, which are filled with a special type of oil that is sealed and packed. Due to the heating of the heating element, this oil also gets heated. This hot oil flows through all the fins due to which heat spreads in the room.

The heaters we have mentioned above are all electric room heaters, that is, to run them, you only have to plug them into the electric socket of the wall. They are easy to install and come with a variety of features like adjustable thermostats and timers. On the other hand, their use may increase your electricity bill a bit, so whenever you buy a room heater, keep the energy-efficient features in mind.

How to choose the right room heater for you

Room size and heating capacity

Before buying a room heater, you should have a correct idea about the size and heating capacity of your room. If you choose a room heater with low heating capacity, your room will not get less heat, that is, you will continue to feel cold.

And if you choose a room heater with high heating capacity, your room will be excessively hot and you will start sweating due to the heat.

Safety Features

When it comes to room heaters, there should be no compromise on safety. While buying a heater, choose only those heaters that have various safety features like a tip-over switch, overheat protection, and a cool-touch body. Getting heaters with such features means that you can make the cold weather stress-free and enjoyable. After all, you will get moments of peace only when you have peace of mind.

Get regular maintenance done on the heater

Keep in mind that there is no problem with the heater’s plug, power cord, or any of its parts. If so, get it repaired immediately or take it to the service center. While using an old heater, be sure to clean it, especially the fan heater, because if you use it without cleaning it, along with hot air, dust will also come out from it which can harm your health.

What is Quartz Room Heater

An electrical heater that produces heat using a quartz element is called a quartz room heater. Electricity heats the element, which then transfers the heat to the target or heated region. Since quartz heaters are often compact, they are perfect for heating small areas or individual rooms. The energy economy, mobility, and low maintenance of quartz heaters are well recognized. They are a well-liked option for home heating since they are safe to use and silent.


You can choose any room heater as per your need and budget as they make the cold weather pleasant and comfortable. So, next time in this cold season, whenever you sit comfortably on your sofa, take a moment to say thanks to your friend (ie the room heater) who is silently spreading warmth.


What is the difference between convection and radiant heaters?

Convection heaters work by gradually heating the air in a space as it circulates around it. Although they operate more slowly and inefficiently than radiant heaters, they can heat bigger areas for longer periods of time. On the other hand, radiant heaters only heat a limited area and swiftly warm people and items with a concentrated beam of heat.

How much electricity does a room heater consume?

The type and settings of a room heater determine how much power it uses. The majority of space heaters consume 1500 watts of power every hour. An 8-hour workday using a space heater will use around 84 kilowatt-hours of power each week.

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