What is an air purifier and what are its benefits

If you are living in a big city or metropolis then you know the meaning of air pollution very well, and if you are living in a small city or village then you do not care about air pollution and in very good air. are breathing.

This is your misconception.

Just google what is the air quality index of your city or location. If it is more than 100 then you, your family, children and the elderly are breathing poisonous air. And it cannot be solved by planting 5-10 trees and plants in or around the house.

The solution to this is a good and proper air purifier.

An air purifier is a device that removes the hazardous elements that cause air pollution inside the room and keeps the air inside the room clean, that is, improving the indoor air quality.

If you are troubled by allergies or a respiratory disease (asthma), an air purifier can give you relief to a great extent. If you do not have this problem then you can use it to save your family from air pollution.

Written by Yogendra Rai

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