Air Cooler Price | How to choose the Best Air Cooler in India

Summer has arrived. In most Indian cities, the daytime temperature has reached or is approaching 40 degrees. If you’re looking to buy a cooler to combat the heat, here are some pointers to help you make an informed selection.

Types of Air Coolers

There are four different types of air coolers on the market, and you may select one based on your needs.

Personal Coolers

Personal coolers, which are designed to cool small to medium rooms, are affordable and effective options for many users. It is also known as a room air cooler.

  • It is generally recommended for usage in small to medium-sized rooms.
  • Produce less noise and use less energy.
  • Despite the smaller water tank, it can keep you cool for several hours.
  • Using huge blowers to circulate air.
  • Consume lesser energy and produce less noise.
  • Despite smaller water tank  (20 – 30 liters), can provide cooling for multiple hours.
  • Air circulation using large blowers.
  • Economical: Price starts from Rs. 5,000
  • Usually come with castor wheels for easy maneuvering.

Ideal for use in Bedroom, Study Room, Kids’ Room, Dining Area, Hostel Room, Small Office, Small Shop

Window Coolers

Window air coolers, as the name implies, are designed to be installed in windows.

  • Because window air coolers is installed in windows, so it is saving you valuable floor space that you can put to better use.
  • They extract air straight from outside, these coolers are the finest alternative for circulating fresh air within the space.
  • Slightly more expensive than personal coolers but easier to maintain.
  • consumes less power than desert coolers.

Ideal for use in Bedroom, Study Room, Kids’ Room, Dining Area, Hostel Room, Office, Small Shop

Desert Coolers

Big coolers are meant to cool large spaces and are typically seen in arid climates. To cool every area of space, use huge tanks and strong fans.

  • Desert coolers are specifically built for areas with high temperatures and little humidity.
  • Due to larger capacity and performance, it is possible to chill huge spaces.
  • Due to the bigger tank, there is no need for several fills each day.
  • Integration of cooling pads provides more effective cooling, and air circulation is provided by large fans.

Large size does not mean they cannot be moved around, as most desert coolers nowadays come equipped with castor wheels.

Ideal for use in Medium to Large Living Room, Gym, Party Hall, Shop, Restaurant, Closed Outdoors.

Which air cooler should you buy?

Before purchasing an air cooler, you should think about the size of your room, the height of the room, the outside temperature, the water capacity, humidity, and, most significantly, the location of the air cooler. You should also consider the cooler’s throwing distance. After considering all of these factors, you should select a kind that best meets your needs.

Air cooler size calculation

Make sure the air cooler is big enough for your space. As previously said, personal air coolers are excellent for small to medium-sized rooms, whereas desert air coolers are best for big rooms. Aside from that, you may look at the air cooler’s product description. In the model description, look for the ‘Area covered’ or ‘Cooling area’ specification. The area covered should be equal to or more than the size of your room.

Another option is to make a decision based on an air supply or air displacement (CFM)

The total air in the room that changes every two minutes is measured in CFM. However, it is frequently stated in hours, making it more complicated. You may also check the CFM when making a purchase.

The formula for CFM is

CFM in hours = (room surface area in square feets * room height * 0.84)

Attach product description image

What should be the ideal water capacity?

Water capacity is one of the most crucial elements to consider when selecting an air cooler. If you have a large room, an air cooler with a capacity of 30-40 litres is recommended. If you’re searching for an air cooler for a tiny space, a 20-liter model is the way to go.

What features should be there in an air cooler?

It should include certain essential features like as low power usage, high-quality cooling pads, a noise filter, and inverter compatibility. Second features to look for include a remote control, auto-fill function, anti-mosquito and dust filter, and an additional ice chamber.

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