How to Clean Chimney – 4 Easy Ways

If these points are not taken care of while cleaning the kitchen chimney, the chimney will not perform properly and may even be damaged. How to Clean Chimney

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Like other kitchen appliances, a chimney needs cleaning from time to time, or else it won’t function properly. Here we are going to tell you how to clean your kitchen chimney without opening it much.

Why it is Important to Clean Chimneys

The kitchen chimney absorbs and removes the fine particles of smoke, odor, and oil from your kitchen. During this process, these sticky fine particles of oil, dust, and dirt get deposited on the filters present in the chimney.

If these layers of dirt deposited on the filter are not cleaned from time to time, it (the filter) stops working and the suction capacity of the chimney is reduced further. Therefore, the chimney cannot completely remove the smoke present in your kitchen.

Apart from this, bacteria and fungus grow in these layers of dirt which prove to be dangerous for our health and cause bad odor in the long run.

How long should the Kitchen Chimney be Cleaned?

  • If you have a normal chimney in your kitchen, then you should clean it 2-3 times a month.
  • If you have an auto-clean chimney in your kitchen then you should clean it once a month.
  • If you cook more fried and spicy food in the kitchen, then more attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the chimney.

However, if you have a charcoal filter chimney, you should replace the filter once every 6 months.

How to Clean Chimney

The method of cleaning different parts of the chimney varies. But for this, you do not need to open the chimney completely. The method for cleaning different stains also varies, so here we are going to tell the best way to clean these parts of the chimney:

Cleaning with Vinegar

Which part of the chimney to clean: To clean the dirt on the exterior of the chimney, such as the hood and panels


  1. Dip a white paper towel in the vinegar solution and squeeze it.
  2. Wipe off any grime on the hood and panels.
  3. Leave it for a while.
  4. To get clean, dipped in a paper towel and squeezed
  5. Wipe again the dirt on the hood and panels.
  6. In this way, this mess will be easily cleaned.

Cleaning with Baking soda

Being used in many dishes, it is often present in your kitchen.

Which part of the fireplace to clean: For cleaning hard grease stains that build up in the hood and panels of the chimney.


  1. Make a thick paste by mixing a small amount of water in two tablespoons of baking soda.
  2. If the stain is very hard, then white vinegar can be used instead of water.
  3. Apply this paste on hard grease stains and leave it there for 5 minutes.
  4. Then wipe it off with a wet cloth.

Clear filter and mesh like this:

  1. Place the Filter and Mesh in a Large Tub
  2. Pour two cups of vinegar over it and sprinkle 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda and salt over them
  3. Pour enough hot water into this tub to submerge all the things and leave it for 2 hours.
  4. Now clean them with clean water and dry them.

Cleaning with Dishwashing Liquid

Since dishwashing liquid is specifically designed to clean grease and grease easily, it is a great way to clean kitchen chimney filters.

  1. Rub this liquid on the mesh and filter with the help of a scrubber
  2. Fill a plastic bucket with hot water and leave the filter in it for 2 hours.
  3. Scrub off dirt with a soft scrubber

If there is a buildup of hard and hard grease on the filter

  1. Rub this liquid on the mesh and filter with the help of a scrubber
  2. Fill a large steel vessel with hot water and submerge the filter in it
  3. Boil it on a gas stove for 30 minutes
  4. Hard grease is automatically removed from hard-to-reach areas on the filter. This is the fastest and best way to clean the filter.

Cleaning with Paint Thinner

If the hardened grease is not cleaned with the above method, use paint thinner.

Which part of the fireplace to clean: To clean hard grease that builds up in the corners and folds of the filter

Do this cleaning in an open-ventilated place.


  1. Apply paint thinner to the mesh and filter using a cotton cloth
  2. Spray it extensively on hard oil and grease stains.
  3. Wipe with a dry cotton cloth, and the dirt on the mesh and filter will be easily removed.

FAQs about How to Clean Chimney

What is the easiest way to clean a chimney?

A great solution for cleaning any oily and sticky items is paint thinner. Cleaning the filters and the chimney hood is another simple alternative. Rub the chimney with the thinner after soaking a piece of cloth in it. The stains will be readily removed, and the effects will be astounding.

Can I clean my chimney myself?

Many times, you may save a few hundred rupees by cleaning the chimney yourself. Ordinary chimney soot is rather easy to remove. However, you’ll need to hire a professional if you have a lot of creosote accumulation.

How often should a chimney be cleaned?

If you have a normal chimney in your kitchen, then you should clean it 2-3 times a month. If you have an auto-clean chimney in your kitchen then you should clean it once a month.

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