Avoid Sneezing, Runny Nose, and Coughing by Use of Kitchen Chimney

If you or anybody else residing in the home, sneeze, has a runny nose, or cough while cooking, the use of kitchen chimney may help you get rid of it.

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Some people are so allergic to the strong odor and smoke coming from the kitchen that they sneeze as soon as they are exposed to it and end up getting a cold for a few days.

According to studies, carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), PM 2.5, and formaldehyde are the main culprits behind the pungent odor and light smoke that cooking in the kitchen produces.

Our immune system and respiratory system are both stimulated when we come into touch with them, which results in ongoing runny nose, coughing, and headaches. Serious lung disease may be present if this situation lasts for a number of weeks.

An exhaust fan can be used to clear the kitchen of the strong odor and light smoke.

Exhaust fans, which are frequently installed in kitchen vents, take away smoke and fumes from the kitchen but leave behind little grease particles and sticky grease.

On the other hand, the kitchen chimney, which is installed on top of the cooktop, removes smoke, smells, and oily particles before they can spread throughout the kitchen.

The kitchen chimney, therefore, removes harmful pollutants from the kitchen, which are present in the strong odor and light smoke produced during cooking. Furthermore, it protects us against sneezing, a runny nose, coughing, headaches, and serious respiratory diseases.

Apart from that, the kitchen chimney provides the following benefits:

Use of Kitchen Chimney

1. Basic Function of Kitchen Chimney

  • A chimney’s primary purpose is to quickly remove the smoke, hot steam, odor, etc. created while cooking.

2. Reduces Pollution in the Kitchen as well as at Home

  • Smoke, odor, and small, oily particles that are sticky enter the air when cooking. They are absorbed and expelled by the kitchen chimney.
  • Your kitchen becomes pollution-free in this way. In other words, the kitchen chimney protects you from indoor pollution.

3. Prevents Sneezing, Runny Nose, and Coughing

  • The smoke released during cooking includes carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, PM 2.5, and formaldehyde is present which has a bad effect on our health in the long run.
  • Sometimes we start sneezing while frying spices and chilies because of the pungent smell and smell emanating from them. Due to this, we remain prone to cold and flu

4. Keeps the Kitchen Clean

  • While cooking, fine particles of oil tend to float around the cooktop and around it.
  • These fine particles of oil stick to your kitchen tiles, cabinets, and curtains, which after several days look like sticky grease.
  • The kitchen chimney absorbs and expels these fine particles of oil, thereby preventing stains on your kitchen tiles, cupboards, and curtains, and saving you from the hassle of cleaning.

5. Prevents Odor and Smell

  • By the way, when any delicious thing is prepared in the kitchen, the good smell of food first makes our mouth water.
  • But at one point we all want that the kitchen should be free from any kind of smell.
  • The kitchen chimney throws out any such smell and odor from the kitchen.

6. Relieves the Heat of the Kitchen

  • If you use a ducted chimney in your kitchen, it removes the hot air present in the kitchen.
  • So the temperature of the kitchen decreases and relief from the heat is given.

7. Recycles the Air

  • The kitchen chimney also serves to recycle the kitchen air. Due to this fresh air is always present in the kitchen.

8. Makes the Kitchen Look Good

  • Kitchen Chimney not only modernizes the look of your kitchen but also adds to the beauty of the kitchen.

Thus, One of the most crucial components of a kitchen is the chimney, which absorbs smoke and pollutants produced during cooking to keep your kitchen clean and fresh. Every time you cook on your cooktop, especially when frying meals or using a lot of spices, you should use your chimney. This will keep the air in your kitchen clean and stop oil from accumulating on the surfaces.

Written by Yogendra Rai

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