Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney vs Normal Kitchen Chimney

As the title suggests, Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney cleans itself. It has such technology that the filters in it are automatically cleansed.

Auto Cleaning Kitchen Chimney Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney vs Normal Kitchen Chimney
Auto Cleaning Kitchen Chimney

Auto Cleaning Kitchen Chimney

Friends, as you may be aware, the kitchen chimney collects smoke, odor, and sticky tiny particles of oil present in the kitchen, therefore keeping it clean.

As the name suggests, Auto Clean Chimney cleans itself. It has the technology to automatically clean its filters. Additionally, you won’t need to keep cleaning them.

How Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney Works

  • The Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney has a nonstick aluminum turbine blower through which the kitchen smoke flows.
  • This blower passes kitchen smoke as soon as you hit the “Auto Clean” push button.
  • Fine particles of smoke and oil become caught in the blower’s wall due to its centrifugal force.
  • This blower is heated to a specific temperature, causing the small particles of smoke and oil to melt and fall into a tray.
  • This tray is known as the “Oil Collecting Tray.” This tray is easily removed and cleaned (once a month or as per usage).

Difference Between Auto Clean and Normal Kitchen Chimney

Auto Cleaning Kitchen ChimneyNormal Kitchen Chimney
Oil CollectorThe nonstick turbine blower made of aluminum collects smoke and tiny oil particles. Then places them in the oil collection tray.There is neither a blower nor an oil collecting tray.
DurabilitySince the fine particulate dirt of the oil in the chimney and the filter does not accumulate, they last for a long time.Fine particulate dirt accumulates in the interior of the chimney and in the filter, so that the filter can be cleaned, but not the interior. So this chimney does not last long.
Maintenance & CleaningThe oil collecting tray has to be cleaned once a month and the filter needs to be cleaned a little.The filter has to be cleaned 2-3 times a month that too with great effort.
Suction PowerDue to the oil collecting tray, very little viscous oil remains in the filter, thereby maintaining the high suction power of the chimney.The suction power of the chimney decreases due to too much smoke and fine oil particles sticking to the filter.
Pricea little too muchLow Price

Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be able to choose the right kind of chimney for your kitchen.

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